Re: sysutils/lsof: help!

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 21:06:56 UTC
Am 12.06.22 um 22:48 schrieb Larry Rosenman:
> On 06/12/2022 3:29 pm, Stefan Esser wrote:
>> On a kernel built with D34184 and D34323 applied I get output
>> like this:
>> bash    3313   se  txt   VREG 3086741924,1296883289   937256 864387
>> /usr/local/bin/bash (system/usr/local)
>> bash    3313   se ctty   VCHR                 1,229      0t0    485
>> /dev/pts/0 (devfs)
>> bash    3313   se  cwd   VDIR 1269308102,3936804361       50 131584
>> /usr/git/src (system/usr/git)
>> Best regards, STefan
>> PS: A patch that applies the ZFS fixes to sysutils/lsof can be
>>     fetched from:
> Thanks, Stefan.
>    What will it take to get those 2 differential reviews in to the system?

Hi Larry,

I have marked D34184 and D34323 as accepted, since these patches could
be applied without conflicts (except for the version updates in param.h).

But I did not have time to test the kernel patches beyond that they
actually provide the information required for lsof and that the system
shows not signs of instability or other issues.

I'd appreciate if another developer performed an independent review,
but if this does not happen within the next few days I might commit
the two patch sets.

Best regards, STefan