Re: sysutils/lsof: help!

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 20:29:08 UTC
Am 11.06.22 um 16:20 schrieb Larry Rosenman:
> greetings,
>     I'm having trouble getting anyone to care about lsof anymore.  If anyone
> can help fix these merge conflicts, I'd be most
> appreciative, and will merge and make a new FreeBSD release as soon as we get
> it fixed:

Hi Larry and Damjan,

I have manually merged the pull request into the lsof-4.95.0.

But I'm not sure how to best submit the result, since it seems
your forked repository is still at 4.94.0 and while I could
create a pull request at the official lsof repository, it would
make the full set of changes appear to have come from me.

The patched sources can be fetched from my GitHub repository:

I have verified that lsof built from these sources leasd to a
working lsof binary. All current patches can be removed from
the port.

One remark: there have been a lot of changes from Error() to
Exit(1) (or other parameters), these seem to be the main reason
that the patch did not apply anymore. I have changed a number
of Error() to Exit(1) in other parts of the affected source
files - these should be checked before commit.

On a kernel built with D34184 and D34323 applied I get output
like this:

bash    3313   se  txt   VREG 3086741924,1296883289   937256 864387
/usr/local/bin/bash (system/usr/local)
bash    3313   se ctty   VCHR                 1,229      0t0    485
/dev/pts/0 (devfs)
bash    3313   se  cwd   VDIR 1269308102,3936804361       50 131584
/usr/git/src (system/usr/git)

Best regards, STefan

PS: A patch that applies the ZFS fixes to sysutils/lsof can be
    fetched from: