Re: make index fail

From: Norikatsu Shigemura <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 11:31:16 UTC
On 2022/06/10 20:10, Andy Farkas wrote:
>> If you use perl 5.30, update to perl 5.32 or 5.34.
>> Perl 5.30 is no longer support in this time.
> I will install perl-5.32.
> Interesting you say perl5-30 not supported anymore (I believe you) but:

I fixed this issue, I tried following check:

cd /usr/ports/accessibility/qt5-speech; make describe
   You can get 8th column[*] like '/usr/ports/lang/perl5.3x',
   In my past case, '/usr/ports/:lang/perl5.32'

   [*] Simplify, do make describe | awk -F'|' '{print $8}'

8th column was described ${PERL5_DEPEND}:lang/${PERL_PORT} by  And PERL5_DEPEND and PERL_PORT were defined on
lang/perl5.xx/  So I noticed that perl 5.30 was
retired, and update to 5.34 to fix this issue.