Re: svgalib build fail with portmaster

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022 15:55:09 UTC
Am 20.07.22 um 14:55 schrieb Tomoaki AOKI:
> Looking into commit log at cgit [1], the problematic file is already
> there at the first commit and unchanged afterwards. So the file should
> be there when you installed (or previously updated).

See my reply to the OP, this is a port that removes files from the
base system when "make all" is used to build it.

> Another possiblity would be you changed LOCALBASE when you installed
> (or updated) previouly but portmaster doesn't recorded the fact
> properly. (i.e., the port was installed under /opt/, but portmaster
> looks for /usr/local due to mis-recorded LOCALBASE.)
> But this case you SHOULD know and notice what happened clearly.

No, portmaster did not play any role, except that it noticed that
the files were no longer there to safe into a backup package in case
the newly built port had an issue or would not install.

Regards, STefan