Re: USES=iconv Q/A issues: ...not declared as a dependency

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 12:32:48 UTC
* Nuno Teixeira <> [20220718 12:52]:
> Error: /usr/local/bin/strawberry is linked to /usr/local/lib/
> from converters/libiconv but it is not declared as a dependency
> I've did run some tests and both 'iconv:wchar_t' and 'iconv:translit' pets
> Q/A tests (but 'iconv' do not).

My wild guess is: the glib dependency pulls in the external libiconv (it
has USES iconv:wchar_t) and the "find_package(Iconv)" in upstream's
CMakeLists.txt detects and uses it, although the implementation in base
libc would be sufficient.

I have no idea what would be the best solution though. Just using
iconv:wchar_t would work...

BR, Felix

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