Re: problem with "make index"

From: Charlie Li <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2022 01:12:00 UTC
I need to clear some stuff here. There was a phab review brewing for 
some time

Stefan Esser wrote:
> I have just committed a port for LLVM 14. It is build tested, but I did
> not have time to perform any run tests.
First mistake. The entire WASI toolchain has to be updated, since this 
is LLVM and no API/ABI compatibility between major versions and all. See 
the phab chain, where one item actually had to be reverted to a previous 
upstream revision.
> I have copied over the Makefile of the wasi-compile-rt13 port and have
> only changed the DISTVERSION to 14.0.6 and regenerated the distinfo file.
>>     B) will setting LLVM_DEFAULT to 13 (there _is_ a wasi-compiler-rt13)
>> fix things?
> Yes, if you do not need LLVM 14 for some reason, then staying at 13
> is the easy way to resolve such issues, until version 14 is fully
> supported in the ports tree.
Staying at 13 or another LLVM version where the entire chain's version 
matches is required unless you are okay with unexpected or unexplainable 
> Please let me know if you find that the wasi-compile-rt14 port does not
> work correctly.
> I have preserved the MAINTAINER of wasi-compile-rt13 in this port, but
> if there are issues,  I'd feel responsible to fix them before handing
> the responsibility for further updates over to greg ... ;-)
I will go further:

This was not to be committed at all right now, despite appearances. And 
I say this as one who is still dogfooding the entire WASI-LLVM 14 chain, 
with www/firefox as the prime consumer, with LTO enabled. Those 
interested in helping dogfood, identify failure modes, et al with 
LLVM_DEFAULT=14 can grab the entire diff chain off phab and apply it to 
your own tree or overlay.

But that doesn't address an even bigger issue that's still being figured 
out: how to make this whole situation, LTO or not, less fragile to deal 

Charlie Li
…nope, still don't have an exit line.