Forking a couple of python ports to tauthon versions

From: Dan Mahoney (Ports) <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2022 04:18:35 UTC
Hey there all,

I’m looking at *attempting* to get Mailman to play nice with tauthon, but the dependency chain is kind of fierce: dnspython, cython, setuptools.

I’d like to do this in a ports-compatible way if at all possible.

/usr/ports/Mk/uses/ will never include tauthon as a version (the way uses/ includes MariaDB), and as there’s only one version of tauthon, we don’t need most of its selection logic, but at the same time, having those stub ports be able to pull in a stripped down version of those so they can do the right things would be super useful.

(It doesn’t help that there’s kind of a LOT of if-logic in uses/ that assumes the word “python” or a source dir).

What this probably means is that it makes sense to take the few ports that are needed, and make them their own ports, like tau-cython (this makes sense so that the version known to be compatible with tauthon is fixed in time and doesn’t break on upgrade).

Before I go too far down the rabbit hole, is this just an insane answer?  Because there’s not a better answer for making mailman3 work with ports right now. Dan’s that more familiar with ports than me have tried and given up.