Re: FreeBSD Port: cde-2.4.0

From: Cy Schubert <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2022 13:27:06 UTC
On Tue, 5 Jul 2022 06:26:01 -0400
William Macintosh <> wrote:

> You have certainly surprised me, I thought this package just wasn't going to be in i386. I appreciate what you've done very much, and I will keep you apprised when it hits and then how it holds up.
> I'm not a programmer/coder so I wouldn't know how to fix it, but I tried building from source by following the FreeBSD specific build instructions provided on the official CDE site with no success. I am at least familiar with the compile process a bit because at one point in history I was a Slackware guy, albeit a base desktop user at best. Anyway, after installing the needed prerequisite packages, it compiled for about 10 minutes before failing out, and I had no idea how to proceed from there. 
> I confess I wouldn't know the difference between a problem with the port vs a problem in CDE itself should any bugs present themselves, but again, I'm grateful you took the time to do this and I will certainly let you know how it goes. I miss CDE. If you're curious of my environment, I'll attach a snip of my neofetch output. It is bare metal, not a VM of course. It's old, but it's all I've got right now :)

It was simple. The fact that you had said you built it using the port
instead of pkg install indicated to me that the problem on the package
build infrastructure might be transient, for I was never able to
reproduce the package build infrastructure failure here either. This is
more of a leap of faith since I could not reproduce the problem on my
local poudriere at the time while the build infrastructure had the
problem. If it still fails to build on the i386 package build
infrastructure the commit will be reverted.

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