RFC for updating TEX to 2021

From: Muhammad Moinur Rahman <bofh_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 17:57:48 UTC

I have been able to port TEX 2021 but there are some failures and caveats which I wanted to discuss with the community. I have checked only the ports that has USE_TEX in their Makefile :

What changed and what are the failures:
1. cslatex support has been DEPRECATED upstream
2. print/tex-aleph has been removed as upstream has also removed it
3. Fails to build
  - databases/bbdb (Last release was on 2018)
  - misc/latex-mk (Last release was on 2010)
  - textproc/dblatex (The location of the required file has changed can be easily patched)
  - textproc/bibtool (Someone with latex knowledge should be able to fix this)
  - print/sgf2tex (Last release was on 2001)
  - print/lgrind (Last release was on 2001)
  - print/muttprint (Last release was on 2008)
  - cad/alliance (Last release was on 2019)
  - math/asymptote (Should be able to fix this later with someone’s help who knows)
4. Dependents
  - print/lilypond{-devel} depends on textproc/dblatex but if we upgrade lilypond it will no longer require dblatex

In case someone want to check the logs they are available here:

So my question is whether if we are okay with UPDATING to 2021 while these 10/12 ports are BROKEN/IGNORED? I am looking forward to move forward a bit faster as there are lots of files involved and the files changes every now and then and merging everytime is really painful with this big of a patchset.

Thanks in advance for advices and flames. :D

Kind Regards,
Moin (bofh)