From: Mark Millard <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 07:14:26 UTC
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On 2022-Jan-24, at 22:05, Mark Millard <> wrote:

I've been experimenting with WITH_DEBUG= port builds via
poudriere-devel --including some testing of bulk -a .

For something like devel/llvm13 the .pkg file generated is
huge (multi-GiBytes) and takes more time to produce than
the rest of the llvm13 build did. This is with that being
the only active builder (no otherwise significant activity
on the ThreadRipper 1950X in use for the experiments).

If other builders or other activity leads to load averages
noticeably above the hardware thread count (32 in the
context), that adds to how long teh .pkg file generation

What I noticed was that setting MAX_EXECUTION_TIME_PACKAGE
effectively did no good for the load average case if
the NOHANG_TIME was shorter: it stops for the NOHANG_TIME
during the .pkg generation instead.

In part this is the lack of having any output (progress
messaging?) while the .pkg file is being generated, although
may be one could argue that the package phase possibly
should not have NOHANG_TIME applied at all.

I'm only noting the relationship and need to understand
it when setting the figures --and the need for large
figures if WITH_DEBUG= is to be in use for various ports.

I've not checked if there is any other phases/activities
that might have similar issues possible. I just actually
ran into having devel/llvm* builders stop for NOHANG_TIME .

Mark Millard
marklmi at