Re: Portlint check seems to be broken, endless loop

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 15:27:54 UTC
Am 20.01.22 um 13:29 schrieb Matthias Fechner:
> Dear all,
> I saw a problem arising many weeks ago, but now I want to report it.
> You can easily trigger it with:
> poudriere testport -j 130amd64 www/gitlab-ce
> You will see:
> [00:00:33] Removing old packages
> [00:00:33] Portlint check
> WARN: Makefile: [296]: possible direct use of command "install" found. use
> ${INSTALL_foobar} instead.
> WARN: Makefile: possible use of absolute pathname "/sample$$/".
> WARN: Makefile: Setting PORTREVISION to 0 is not necessary.
> and then it hangs in and endless loop.
> Anyone an idea what could cause this?

This seems to be due to a bug in the PKG command, not in portlint.


$ /usr/local/sbin/pkg-1.16.3 version -T 'gitlab-ce' '-gitosis'

This command was issued by portlint due to an incorrect CONFLICTS
entry in the port's Makefile.

I have pushed a fixed CONFLICTS entry as commit 2d48a02b9f5.

But the PKG command needs to be fixed to not loop, too ...

Regards, STefan