Multiple ports install (conflicting) /usr/local/LICENSE files

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 21:47:25 UTC
While checking for port install conflicts I noticed a number of ports
that each install a file ${LOCALBASE}/LICENSE.

Maintainer              Port
---------------------------------------------------------------      devel/py-pytest-datadir   textproc/py-transpopy      databases/mysql80-server          misc/py-alive-progress      devel/py-amalgamate      net/py-confluent-kafka     misc/py-huepy, textproc/py-ttp,
			www/py-flask-apscheduler, www/py-planet         textproc/py-sphinx-markdown-tables        finance/py-bitcoin

I have created PRs for these ports, but since most are Python ports I
am assuming that there is a problem in one of the tools that support
the building and installation of Python modules.

The ports use "autoplist" and thus only an inspection of the package
contents shows the bogus LICENSE files.

Therefore, I'd think that the underlying issue should be solved ...

The mysql80-server port is different and installs both LICENSE.router
and README.router in /usr/local (and those are listed in pkg-plist).

Regards, STefan