Re: How to contribute

From: Mehmet Erol Sanliturk <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 13:00:31 UTC
On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 9:40 AM Kurt Jaeger <> wrote:

> Hi!
> > I fixed a lot of bugs in my local related to gnome or other ports. I want
> > to know how can i get @FreeBSD email and make some bug-fix commits.
> That's a two-step process: 1) Please submit patches via
> or Some committer will have a look, check and commit
> if the patches look fine. 2) After a bunch of those patches, some committer
> will probably step up as mentor so that you can become a ports committer
> yourself.
> > I read but i did
> not
> > understand everything.
> If you have questions, try to write them to ports@ and we'll try
> to find answers.
> --
>         +49 171 3101372                  Now what ?

Additional to the above steps , you may do the following actions :

In , there is the following repository :
FreeBSD src tree (read-only mirror)
Pull requests

You may fork FreeBSD sources into your account .
Apply your modifications .
Test the your modifications by generating a snapshot , download , and use
them to see
that your contributions are working as you want AND they are applicable by
the other
people .
Prepare "Pull requests"  .
Inform the Ports or other mailing list members that you have applicable
prepared with respect to FreeBSD rules : bug report() , review item(s) ,
pull request(s) ,
etc. .

The above steps may not be complete , and may be defective , or , excessive
because I am NOT an active  user or FreeBSD contributor .

Please read and learn GitHub usage rules to become proficient on them and
at the same time FreeBSD documentations
( If you have not do these at present , or there are missing parts not
learned yet )
to work on these domains fluently .

You will see that your efforts will not be wasted , and they will be
utilized as much as possible . In the FreeBSD world , the conventions and
applications are in this way .

Thank you very much , and with my best wishes for all of you ,

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk