Re: FreeBSD Port: chromium-98.0.4758.102 Error build on 13-stable

From: Tomoaki AOKI <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 09:20:08 UTC
On Tue, 22 Feb 2022 12:44:16 +0900
Tatsuki Makino <> wrote:

> Hello.
> What are the files that exist in /usr/ports/www/chromium/files/patch-third__party_nasm_config_config-linux.h doing?
> Isn't it like mempcpy exists but HAVE_MEMPCPY is not defined, so we see this and get an error?
> Regards.

It patches the file controlling several options for building bundled

IIUC, as I'm not a member of chromium team, patchset are modified to
share with OpenBSD chromium team in conjunction with upgrading to

With this change, FreeBSD-specific patch and corresponding portion of
Makefike introduced by bug 257352 [1], then, modified again by Bug
258271 [2].

Fix is ongoing at [2], currently by [3].
The proposed patch [3] can be placed to www/chromium/files/ as is,
and builds fine on stable/13, amd64 git c39ff2415cb9 for me.




Some details:

FreeBSD src main before git ee37f64cf875, stable/13 before git
dba677d13b26 and all revisions of stable/12 don't have mempcpy() yet.
Not sure but maybe OpenBSD, too.

This is why HAVE_MEMPCPY part of
is patched to disable by the patch you mentioned and cause of this
breakage on main and stable/13 including and after above-mentioned

I'm not familiar wit gn build system, but maybe proposed patch [3]
toggles HAVE_MEMPCPY defined again (or something equivalent) for all
revisions having mempcpy() defined in /usr/include/string.h.

Tomoaki AOKI    <>