Re: make_index: benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite: no entry for /usr/local/lib/php/20200930/ ?

From: Dimitry Andric <>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2022 18:16:57 UTC
Well, I don't have php80-openssl installed, although I do have other
php80 packages, including the main lang/php80 one.

Also, why should make index care about the particular ports installed?
It should only consider the ports tree in question, as specified in
PORTSDIR, and process the Makefiles in there?

Anyway, since I seem to be the only one encountering this, I'll just
attempt to locally hack around it. Maybe I might even solve a bug. :)


> On 16 Feb 2022, at 17:57, Muhammad Moinur Rahman <> wrote:
> First of all I am unable to reproduce this.
> Second of all even the cluster is unable to reproduce this. Mostly after every push the INDEX is regenerated and we would have been notified if there was a breakage.
> Third of all by no means INDEX(make index) should refer to anything pertaining to LOCALBASE or PREFIX.
> Fourth of all I should have clarified in my UPDATING that php8[01]-openssl should be removed manually.
> From my guessing of “20200930” I would advise “pkg remove php80-openssl” on the host you are trying to do this.
> Kind Regards,
> Moin (bofh)
>> On 16 Feb 2022, at 15:44, Dimitry Andric <> wrote:
>> On 16 Feb 2022, at 14:43, Dimitry Andric <> wrote:
>>> Since a few days (probably), make index in ports dies with:
>>> make_index: /share/dim/ports-main/benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite: no entry for /usr/local/lib/php/20200930/
>> FWIW, this regressed with :
>> commit e8d9493812a510f7c1cc94632836e1d5731de250
>> Author: Muhammad Moinur Rahman <>
>> Date:   Sat Feb 12 09:38:24 2022 -0600
>>   lang/php8[01]: Make openssl as DEFAULT
>>   After the 91fdbed776033fd4b210135429a171ab5fed549b commit fixing the
>>   issue for MySQL80 introduced another problem for the ports that depends
>>   on php8[01]-openssl port couldn't be built as the fix prevented
>>   php8[01]-openssl from being installed as it's already built with
>>   default php installation. As the problem has grown much bigger now and
>>   php80 is currently the DEFAULT php version so we are switching the
>>   behavior of php8[01] ports making the openssl module as default.
>>   - Remove non-default OPTION MYSQL80 from lang/php8[01]
>>   - Remove ports security/php8[01]-openssl
>>   - Remove OPTION OPENSSL from lang/php8[01]-extensions
>>   - Mark lang/php8[01] to IGNORE with libressl and libressl-devel
>>     Although php builds fine with those most of the extensions do not
>>     as they have dependency on curl. So mark it early.
>>   - OPTIONIZE lang/php80
>>   - Change openssl_DEPENDS to conditional for php74 only as this module
>>     is default from php80 with this commit. php74 do not have the issue
>>     where it fails to connect to MySQL80 due to new caching_sha2_password
>>   - Remove hash_DEPENDS from as it is a default module for all php
>>   - Change json_DEPENDS to conditional for php74 only as this module is
>>     default from php80
>>   PR:             261797 259793 252420
>>   Reported by:
>>   Approved by:    tz (private email) ale (private email)
>>   Sponsored by:   Bounce Experts
>> -Dimitry