Re: FreeBSD Port: wine-devel-7.1,1 error Registering (13-stable)

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2022 21:54:45 UTC
Am 07.02.22 um 22:25 schrieb Alex V. Petrov:
> 08.02.2022 02:24, Stefan Esser пишет:
>> Am 07.02.22 um 17:17 schrieb Alex V. Petrov:
>>> ====> Compressing man pages (compress-man)
>>> ===>   Installing ldconfig configuration file
>>> ===>  Installing for wine-devel-7.1,1
>>> ===>  Checking if wine-devel is already installed
>>> ===>   Registering installation for wine-devel-7.1,1
>>> Installing wine-devel-7.1,1...
>>> pkg-static: Fail to create temporary file:
>>> /usr/local/lib/wine/x86_64-unix/ such file
>>> or directory
>>> *** Error code 1
>>> Stop.
>>> make[1]: stopped in /usr/ports/emulators/wine-devel
>>> *** Error code 1
>> Hi Alex,
>> are you sure this is not caused by a disk full condition?
>> If this reason can be excluded, please give more details,
>> especially the options selected (if non-default options
>> are in use).
>> Regards, STefan
> No. This is

OK, it is not a bug, it is an issue in an unclean build environment.

If you have /usr/local/lib/wine/x86_64-unix pointing to a non-existing
directory, then no file can be written below that point.

I'm curious whether this was due to local changes or due to an incomplete
removal of an earlier version?

Anyway, I understand your reply (reference to a bug report that was closed
after the local mis-configuration had been fixed) to indicate, that it can
be considered closed, too.