Re: remove unsupported zabbix packages?

From: Muhammad Moinur Rahman <>
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2022 23:07:05 UTC
Moin (bofh), with core-secretary@ hat on
> On 5 Feb 2022, at 23:50, Yasuhiro Kimura <> wrote:
> From: Martin Waschbüsch <>
> Subject: remove unsupported zabbix packages?
> Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2022 22:27:34 +0000
>> Hi there,
>> I just noticed that zabbix3 (which was a LTS release) is no longer
>> officially supported according to their website:
>> At least with PHP releases, it seems that the end of official support
>> also means removal from ports.
>> Is this, or rather, should this be true for other software as well?
>> Also, regarding zabbix3-frontend, is that even still working?
>> According to:
>> only PHP versions prior to 7.0 where supported.
>> Seeing as by the end of the year there will not even be any PHP 7.x
>> left in ports, not to mention 5.x which has been gone for a long time,
>> it looks to me like the port might have to go. If so, the obvious
>> targets currently in ports:
>> zabbix3-agent-3.0.32
>> zabbix3-frontend-3.0.32
>> zabbix3-java-3.0.32_1
>> zabbix3-libzbxpgsql-1.1.0_4
>> zabbix3-proxy-3.0.32
>> zabbix3-server-3.0.32
>> For all of them (except for zabbix3-libzbxpgsql) their successor
>> packages are available in versions 4.0 (LTS), 5.0 (LTS) and 5.4
>> (supported until March).
>> So an upgrade path is available.
>> In case I am right and they should be removed, how is that done? Open
>> a PR as with new ports or updates?
>> Thanks,
>> Martin
> They are already marked DEPRECATED and set to expire at the end of
> February.
> So They will be removed in March.
As mentioned by @yasu I have marked it DEPRECATED and all variants/flavors will be removed by end of February or starting of March. In fact during the removal of php74 which is supposed to happen sometimes at the end of this year after 28th November we will have to remove zabbix[4|54?]-frontend as they do not support php7*. I am still not sure about the functionality of zabbix without frontend. I think we will be keeping the agent only for the older versions. Zabbix will have php8 support sometimes from 6.2 release which is supposed to be released on August this year.

Kind Regards,
Moin (bofh)

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