RE: qemu for armv6 crashes on beefy8, but can't armv6 be natively run on ampere?

From: Mark Millard <>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 09:22:26 UTC
Yuri <> wrote on
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 05:53:22 UTC :
> qemu crashes while building some ports, like science/arbor.
> But isn't ampere able to run armv6 code natively? If this is true, why 
> are armv6 builds run on beefy8?

As the standard kernel versions are set up (no source changes)
they support:

# sysctl -d kern.supported_archs
kern.supported_archs: Supported architectures for binaries

# sysctl kern.supported_archs
kern.supported_archs: aarch64 armv7

It is possible to modify the kernel source a little and build a
kernel that will list armv6 instead of armv7. But that does not
imply that allowing "aarch64 armv7 armv6" all at once would be
that simple.

FreeBSD servers are not normally rebooted into tailored kernels
for specific types of builder activity, especially not into
kernels that require source code changes to build the
alternative kernel.

FYI: It is proposed to:

A) stop all package building for armv6 for all branches (soon)
B) have armv6 be tier 3 (soon)
C) stop building armv6 main [so: 14+] snapshots (soon)
D) do not create stable/14+ releases or artifacts ever
E) remove the armv6 specific source before stable/15
   (but after stable/14 is created)


Mark Millard
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