Re: lang/rust is super slow to build

From: Mel Pilgrim <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 10:20:50 UTC
On 2022-12-13 14:18, Xin LI wrote:
> IMHO the ports collection should provide and use prebuilt packages of 
> compilers (LLVM, GCC, Rust, etc.) built from the FreeBSD packages 
> builder, and ports framework (possibly also the base system) should be 
> changed to use prebuilt packages by default, unless a) user requested to 
> build everything from source, or b) no binary package is available for 
> the platform combination, like a Tier-2 platform.  The source ports for 
> compilers should have all optimizations (like PGO, LTO, etc.) enabled by 
> default, and require reasonably modern (perhaps newer than Sandy Bridge) 
> processor features by default.

It has this ability.  If you set PACKAGE_FETCH_BLACKLIST, it will never 
download pkgs for the pkgname globs listed.  If you set 
PACKAGE_FETCH_WHITELIST, it will download pkgs for only those pkgname 
globs listed.  The suggested value in poudriere.conf is even "gcc* rust