Re: Procmail Version

From: Robert Simmons <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2022 14:01:30 UTC
That's great, thanks for the pointer.

I read in the commit message the following:
    As this upstream is in active development and the original procmail on
    sourceforge is defunct, we may wish to consider merging or replacing
    mail/procmail with this port at some point.

I have a few thoughts. This does not appear to be a fork. It looks like a
new version hosted on Github. The author updated the copyright and I looked
at older READMEs from pre-2001 and the author's email is the same as
today, srb [@] cuci[.]nl. I have not sent an email to this email address,
but the MX SMTP greeting is quite similar to the username of the entity who
is checking in the new updates: "ESMTP Postfix (Cubic Circle/BuGless)".

Is the reasoning behind calling this a fork and not a new version because
the identity of the entity checking in updates on the Github repo cannot be

On Tue, Dec 13, 2022 at 2:16 AM Alexander Leidinger <>

> Quoting Robert Simmons <> (from Mon, 12 Dec 2022
> 18:22:27 -0500):
> There is a new version of procmail. Is updating the FreeBSD port to the
> new 3.24 a good idea?
> Have a look at $PORTSDIR/mail/procmail-bgrb/
> Bye,
> Alexander.
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