Re: security/clamav: /ar/run on TMPFS renders the port broken by design

From: Michael Gmelin <>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 13:27:25 UTC

> On 27. Aug 2022, at 15:18, wrote:
> Michael Gmelin wrote on Sat, 27 Aug 2022 15:02:04 +0200 (CEST):
>> (you're removing /var/run, which shouldn't be removed
> Not quite. It's actually not uncommon to boot with an empty /var. Please see /etc/rc.d/var and related.

That’s a good point.

> The request that ports/packages should consider this case is not exactly unreasonable IMO.

If I was the maintainer, I would simply add the code to create the directory for robustness sake (I for one deleted subdirs in /var/run more than once and would expect a port to fix this on restart, also to make sure correct permissions are applied). But since it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen, adding a custom rc file would be a viable short term workaround for the requester.

I like the idea of having something like tmpfiles.d, it would also help port maintainers (could also be done as a port).