Re: New Port: Security/liblurch & Security/Pidgin-lurch

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 09:51:54 UTC
* Michael A. Oshin <> [20220827 17:26]:
> I shall work on them. I don't know what else to use if not do-install. Most
> Makefiles had post-install, which emitted pkg-static dir. access error when
> used here.

do-install is for completely overriding the installation (to the
STAGEDIR). This should only ever be used if upstream either doesn't
provide any means for installation at all, or it's broken beyond any

post-install is for fixing up things after upstream's installation was
done, so this is used quite often. It's not meant to contain your own
installation logic.

For this port, upstream's installation works just fine, except it
doesn't strip the plugin, therefore a post-install is needed.

See also:

> The lib, before being ported, was also installing into the
> ~/.purple/plugins dir for pidgin to  use. I think that is where the otr lib
> goes into too.

A port or package can *never* install anything in a home directory. A
package contains a list of files, with fixed paths. It can't know which
users would even exist on the target machine it will be installed on, to
begin with...

libpurple searches two locations for plugins. A system-wide location (on
FreeBSD /usr/local/lib/purple-2), and a per-user location
(~/.purple/plugins). If you build some plugin locally, it makes sense to
install it just for your user.

Cheers, Felix

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