Re: Fwd: New Port: Security/liblurch & Security/Pidgin-lurch

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2022 17:59:13 UTC
* Ronald Klop <> [20220826 19:07]:
> On 8/26/22 17:26, Michael A. Oshin wrote:
> > 2) Next, try use the GH repo (Preferred) and you will see the below error:

That's not preferred. Only use it for projects that *don't* provide
explicit distfiles.

> > On a final note, what other steps do I need to do to finalise and
> > publish into ports? I have read the pages but need quicker porting.
> Your usage of ${USER} in the do-install step would only work if the
> port is executed as a regular user. Although not impossible most ports
> install in a general location which is usable by all users on a
> system. Also if you want your port to be available as a general pkg
> installing in /usr/home/${USER} is not possible because the right
> ${USER} does not exist on the pkg builders.

Actually, installing in a home dir would kind of contradict the whole
purpose of a port/package.

I had a quick look upstream, the Makefile has an install target,
installing into the correct system-wide plugin dir and respecting
DESTDIR – there should really be no need for a do-install in the port.

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