Upgrade of gcc11-11.3.0 to gcc11-11.3.0_1 requires >= 4.8G /tmp

From: David Wolfskill <david_at_catwhisker.org>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2022 13:59:10 UTC
Saw this on a couple of laptops, each of which is configured to use a
swap-backed tmpfs for /tmp -- started at 2G, which didn't work so well.

Looks as if they are over the worst of it, and I've seen /tmp/get to
4.8G used -- in cdase this helps someone else avoid some of the hassle.

(This was amd64, running stable/12 (stable/12-n235581-10affcbdac7), in
case that's relevant.  All default options.)

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