Resolved: devel/llvm13 build: "ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed"

From: David Wolfskill <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 12:09:45 UTC
On Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 09:08:42PM +0000, Brooks Davis wrote:
> An ill-advised update was made to textproc/py-sphinx-markdown-tables which
> broke llvm13 and later.  Hopefully it will be reverted soon.
> -- Brooks
> ....

Just a confirmation that a local

	git revert 5a0fd27b2f9b47b1208000e8f26a735885bee196

allowed poudriere to build devel/llvm13 in a stable/12 environment.  (I
haven't started the stable/13 build yet, but expect that it will also be

A bit of clarification, in case it's useful: I use local private mirrors
of the FreeBSD git repos (for various reasons); /usr/ports is a clone of
the local mirror.  Thus, the "git revert" only affected /usr/ports, not
the mirror itself -- and once I've built the stable/13 packages, I
intend to do a

	git reset --hard a2084269f9c5af5b83a01837a1f60908e2a9a678

to restore the prior state (before the next (daily) update (so my
(transient) local modification shouldn't break that update).

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