Again on security/gnutls certificate store

From: Andrea Venturoli <>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 08:35:21 UTC

I'm building my ports with Poudriere using quarterly branch. Also I need 
a private CA (whose cert is is correctly hashed in /etc/ssl/certs).

Some time ago, since gnutls didn't pick up my cert, I reported #260723 
(security/gnutls uses only security/ca_root_nss as certificate store)
This bug was referring to the case where P11KIT option was off.

Recently, however, building net/glib-networking will fail unless P11KIT 
option is ON.
In this latter case gnutls delegates certificate management to p11-kit 
(forgive me if this is not 100% correct, but I think this is enough in 
this context), which, again, doesn't pick up my cert.

So I'm asking what to do:
_ reopen the old bug (the problem is still the same, but with a 
different configuration)?
_ open a new bug, still against gnutls?
_ open a bug against p11-kit?

  bye & Thanks