Re: [www/chimeracord] port of my unofficial discord client

From: Rodrigo Osorio <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 14:53:06 UTC
On 8/10/22 15:56, Fernando wrote:
> I made an unofficial discord using electron and wanting to put it in 
> the official freeBSD repositories,
> it stages, installs, and packages with no issues, I even have a 
> pre-built binary,
> git (port):
> git (source):

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for you submission, I take a quick look and see
a couple of missing stuffs such as the distfile location.
To make it simple I chose to use the the github facility.

Just by adding the following lines after the BUILD_DEPENDS bloc:

  * USE_GITHUB= yes
    GH_ACCOUNT= RoboChimera
    GH_PROJECT= ChimeraCord
    GH_TAGNAME= 1ed63ff

After that there is some changes to do in the install script,
to start, no need to perform the git clone, USE_GITHUB does it
for you.

After that there is a couple of fixes to do in the install process
when you can use variable such as WRKSRC.

I recommend you to take a look at the porter handbook, to see how to
improve your port (

Also, you can submit a review of your port using our phabricator
( the details about how to use are here:

Happy hacking,
-- rodrigo