Re: Why NOARCH packages aren't available on all architectures?

From: Matthew Seaman <>
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2022 15:19:00 UTC
On 06/08/2022 07:51, Yuri wrote:
> On 8/5/22 13:19, Mark Millard wrote:
>> Part of what is going on is that having a NOARCH end result
>> can still involve the build using build-environment-ARCH
>> specific toolchains.
> You are implying that NOARCH packages should be built on each 
> architecture individually.
> But NOARCH packages fit any architecture, regardless of where they are 
> built. Once successfully built on one architecture they should become 
> available for all architectures.
> It's amazing that this isn't what is happening.

That's what was intended to happen when "NOARCH" was introduced, but 
no-one has yet managed to rework our package build system so that NOARCH 
packages can be shared across all of the repositories for all of the 
different architectures we support, rather than building them repeatedly.

It's simply an optimization we haven't implemented yet.