Re: Why NOARCH packages aren't available on all architectures?

From: Mark Millard <>
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2022 23:53:46 UTC
On 2022-Aug-6, at 15:19, Tatsuki Makino <> wrote:

> I too thought the ports Yuri-san mentioned were not that good as examples, so let's add these to the examples as well :)
> pkg_tree is a mixture of _4 and _5.
> As long as we have perl, it should work, but I wonder if poudriere hasn't gotten to that build? shows that
the most recent build for a powerpc* was for powerpc64 and
started last year: Thu, 20 May 2021 07:08:04 GMT.

Do not expect anything more modern for the likes of powerpc64.

By contrast, mips64 has been getting builds with zero built.
The most recent build with a non-zero number built started
over 1/2 year ago, on Thu, 27 Jan 2022 02:30:02 GMT.

mips (non-64) goes back to starting on Thu, 31 Dec 2020 01:03:30 GMT.

armv6 is odder: there have been ongoing builds that include
successful builds of pkg_tree-1.1_5 . The most recent builds
were during the last bulk -a -c style builds, as shown at:

via use of the Built ports Search field having: pkg_tree

The build started back on: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 03:38:17 GMT
and Thu, 14 Apr 2022 03:32:37 GMT. (The builds since for
each have been incremental and so no rebuild was required.)

I've no clue why the armv6 builds are apparently not being
distributed to where FreshPorts checks for them.

This sort of thing is one reason that looking via is
sometimes handy/important.

Also: shows
2022-Aug-02 dates. And shows
2022-Aug-05 dates. Even shows
2022-Aug-02 dates. shows
2022-Aug-06 dates.

Such can be another cross check.

Checking for risc64:
shows pkg_tree-1.1_5 built for riscv64 .

I will warn, that for some platforms/FreeBSD-version combinations,
FreeBSD updates Quarterly more often than it updates Latest.

> openshot is the result of a dependency that makes me wonder if something is present that cannot be built.
> openshot uses shared libraries ffmpeg and others via libopenshot, which uses from pyhton.
> If our architecture does not succeed in building ffmpeg or other software, it does not matter if openshot can be installed.
> Until I configure ipv6, I cannot see what the true cause is :)

For armv7, openshot-2.6.1_1 built just fine:

I'm not sure why the build is not visible on FreshPorts.

I'll note that many perl and python programs depends on
C/C++/??? built materials indirectly.

For armv6, openshot failed most recently because rust-1.61.0
failed to build. rust not building for armv6 seems to have a
long history for openshot and others. The most recent for
openshot being:

(seen via the Skipped ports Search field's use).

As for riscv64, openshot was Skipped for gcc11-11.3.0 failing to build:

Looks to me like openshot might not span all the
platforms FreeBSD supports --and so not have a good
use of NO_ARCH for FreeBSD. But I'm not going to
look into the details.

I'll stop with that.

Mark Millard
marklmi at