Re: 14 current + pkg problem

From: Mark Millard <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 02:10:35 UTC
Russell L. Carter <> wrote on
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 17:46:12 UTC :

> . . .
> I also couldn't figure out how to use
> How does one, for instance, query about the status of
> thunderbird on current?  (A pointer would be great)

Not direct, but explorable. An example sequence is:

then in search field on the Package Builds page:


(main here is CURRENT FreeBSD, not a RELEASE)

Note: The list shown is in a start-time based order
by default, most recent first.

Pick a build (row). For this note I picked the most
recent to have queued 30000+ but to also have already
finished, so a "poudriere bulk -a -c" like run that
completed, instead of an incremental update or ongoing

Next to the queued figure for the the current context
was the text/link to the left of the "Queued" column:


But I actually clicked the symbol just to the left of it.
The symbol looks like it has a lit fuse.

At this point one gets to a page that has sections:

Built ports
Failed ports
Skipped ports
Ignored ports
Queued ports

Each of the "ports" ones has a search field.

Trying "thunderbird" (without quotes) in the
Built ports Search field shows a completed
build of thunderbird-91.11.0_2 .

Note that "completed" for the overall build of
the packages does not necessarily mean that
the packages are already distributed to all
the mirrors.

If I'd not found it, I'd have tried other
search fields for other sections of the
page until one showed it (Built, Failed,
Skipped, or Ignored).

There are 4 incremental builds for main-amd64
since the build that I had picked and it is
possible that some also tried to build
thunderbird. Any of them could be looked into

There are similar steps for other
jails than main-amd64:


and so on. (Some of the naming structure
varies across platforms.)

If one is interested in not-"main-*" examples,
where there is the quarterly vs. not
distinction, there is also a Ports column
to look at on the Package Builds page that


That can help for picking what builds to
look at.

I've sent notes out in the past where folks
skipped the "?all=1&" part of the URL that
I've indicated:

and, as a result, could not find builds that were
not being shown but had what they wanted to look

(Part of the issue is that, as of the git hash based
naming and related changes, some places/forms of
"view latest only" like views do not correctly follow
time order for picking out the supposed "latest".)

FYI: For pa51002eeb3d0_s05350f0936 the notation has
a git hash for the ports tree used (a51002eeb3d0)
and a git hash for the FreeBSD system-source tree
used (05350f0936). But the likes of 130amd64 only
have one git hash in the naming, presumably the
ports tree git hash, without a "p" prefix.

I hope that this helps.

Mark Millard
marklmi at