Re: FreeBSD Port: wx31-gtk3-3.1.5_2

From: Loïc_Bartoletti <>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 04:24:54 UTC

Le 02/08/2022 à 10:57, Fernando Apesteguía a écrit :
> Op 2 aug. 2022, om 00:16 heeft Space Cadet <> het 
> volgende geschreven:
>>> Yes, I can do it.  Have never done it before, please point me to guidance.  Would the new port be called wx32-gtk3-3.1.5_2 ?
>> I reckon the name should reflect the latest version - something akin to wx32-gtk3-3.2.0.
> There is the port and there is the package. The port should probably
> be just wxgtk32. But please, coordinate this with desktop@ since all
> wxgtk ports are maintained by them (except wxgtk28-contrib)

Thanks to VVD, we're working on it

>> Perhaps one or more of the older ports  should be deprecated or moved out of the ports catalogue:
>> wx28-gtk2-2.8.12_10
>> wx30-gtk3-
>> wx31-gtk3-3.1.5_2
>> the 3.1.5 version was considered by the wx developers to be a development port. The former stable port is 3.0.5, the stable one before that is 2.8, referred to as “Ancient stable”, dates back to 2006/2011.
> There are some ports that still need older versions of wxwidgets. We
> would need to update them to newer versions of the toolkit or
> deprecate them as well.

Some ports can't be updated to wx32 at the moment. But yes, the plan is 
to deprecate wx31. We'll use wx30 and wx32.