make gomod-vendor XML errors

From: Nuno Teixeira <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2022 10:51:40 UTC

I'm trying to update security/gopass
<> from 1.13.1 to 1.14.0 and
'make gomod-vendor'(1) gives the list of dependency but end with:

urfave:cli:v2.4.0:urfave_cli_v2/vendor/ \

# Errors found during processing:
#       XML syntax error on line 12: expected attribute name in element

(1) Same results with:
cd security/gopass
make extract
cd work/gopass-1.14.0
go mod vendor
modules2tuple vendor/modules.txt > ../../new_tuple.txt

Building port:

===>  Building gopass from .
internal/action/clone.go:10:2: cannot find package "." in:

*** Error code 1

make[1]: stopped in /usr/home/nunotex/Work/freebsd/ports/security/gopass
*** Error code 1

Any clues on how to fix this?
Should this be an upstream problem? I have searched gopass issues and
didn't found any issue at all.


Nuno Teixeira