Re: Boost ports version

From: Charlie Li <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 15:26:38 UTC
Kurt Jaeger wrote:
>> The various boost ports (C++ libraries) available are currently on upstream version 1.72 whereas the current release would be 1.78.
>> I'd like to understand whether there is a technical reason for the FreeBSD ports being "so far behind"?
> Somewhat, yes.
> There's a PR for the update:
> The cause of the delay is this: If we update boost, we test-build
> all the depends. If there are errors, the maintainers of those
> depending ports should fix those errors. That's not always easy, possible
> or the maintainer is busy with other things.
To add, we have to do this for *every* boost update because the API is 
not stable between versions.

We have an overlay repository [0] if anyone would like to help move it 


Charlie Li
…nope, still don't have an exit line.