Re: Could anyone help me land a few approved diffs, please?

From: Faraz Vahedi <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 15:07:57 UTC
Hello Fernando,

> Hi Faraz, thanks for your work!

My pleasure.

> I suppose at least the last one will need the two weeks courtesy
> period to see if the maintainer chimes in.
> I personally prefer bugzilla's PR to deal with port updates. That way
> we can link PR's to one another. For instance, maybe D34851 fixes
> Also in, we have to look in the
> Makefile to see who is approving the review. Is he/she the maintainer?
> Is it another person? In bugzilla we have specific fields for this. I
> don't see any specific flags for this in phab.
> Just my thoughts. Again, thanks for working on this.

It makes total sense, right. Henceforth, I use bugzilla for ports I
don't maintain, roger that. By the way, this one (graphics/zathura)
is already approved by the maintainer, just in a different diff
(D32266), but OK, let's give it a two weeks courtesy period.

Thank you so much.