Re: Could anyone help me land a few approved diffs, please?

From: Fernando_ApesteguĂ­a <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 13:39:47 UTC
On Tue, Apr 12, 2022 at 2:51 PM Faraz Vahedi <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Could anyone please commit and land the following list of my
> diffs? They're all tested, approved, and ready to land.

Hi Faraz, thanks for your work!

>         D34816: sysutils/dust: Update to v0.8.0
>         D34817: www/vultr-cli: Update to v2.12.2
>         D34818: devel/wrangler: Update to v1.19.11
>         D34843: lang/voc: Update to v2.1.1
>         D34851: graphics/zathura: Update to 0.4.9


I suppose at least the last one will need the two weeks courtesy
period to see if the maintainer chimes in.

I personally prefer bugzilla's PR to deal with port updates. That way
we can link PR's to one another. For instance, maybe D34851 fixes
Also in, we have to look in the
Makefile to see who is approving the review. Is he/she the maintainer?
Is it another person? In bugzilla we have specific fields for this. I
don't see any specific flags for this in phab.

Just my thoughts. Again, thanks for working on this.

> Cheers,
> Faraz