Re: Bacula and S3

From: Dan Langille <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 12:23:50 UTC

Andrea Venturoli wrote on 9/22/21 3:03 AM:
> On 9/21/21 5:41 PM, Dan Langille wrote:
>>> I've made a separate port for libs3 and added an option to 
>>> bacula11-server (which will depend on the former).
>>> Unfortunately I'm still far from being able to test this properly.
>> What is needed?
> So far I got up to the point where a backup job works to the cache, 
> tries to upload to cloud (I see https traffic) and fails (obviously, 
> as account data is currently fake).
> I'm waiting for bureocracy to get the account, then I'll need to find 
> some spare time to test it.
>> I don't have time to add another project for testing.
> BTW, since I also maintain a jail to do Bacula regression testing, do 
> you know if this can be integrated?
> Is there some support upstream for this?

By upstream, do you mean ?

Or something else?

>> I am sure others will be interested in testing.
>> Please create a PR and attach a patch.
> I'll see what happens: if the project goes forward, I'll have quite 
> good testing and then produce a PR.
> If the project dies in its cradle, I see if I can do some tests 
> myself, but I'll provide a PR in any case.
> If someone, in the meantime, wants this... just ask.
>> If the new feature is off by default, it will not affect existing 
>> installations. Interested parties can enable it and test it themselves
> Yes, I added an option to your port which is off by default.
> However, even if it's on, it shouldn't pose any problem (provided it 
> compiles on all platforms), since it just installs some libs which 
> will go unused.
> BTW, I decided to make a separate port (bacula11-libs3) because it was 
> easier for me; perhaps it could also be integrated into 
> bacula11-server, but AFAICT it would be more work.

A separate port for the library seems fine to me.

Dan Langille