Re: Bacula and S3

From: Dan Langille <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 15:41:17 UTC
Andrea Venturoli wrote on 9/21/21 10:13 AM:
> On 9/15/21 6:14 PM, Dan Langille wrote:
>> Andrea Venturoli wrote on 9/15/21 7:49 AM:
>>> Hello.
>>> I see Bacula 11 from ports is built without such a plugin.
>>> Any reason?
>>> Is it possible to enable it?
>>> Some dependency missing?
>>> I'd just try, but perhaps you have gone this way before and can warn 
>>> me I'd just be waisting my time :)
>> I know of no reason. Please try it. :)
>> It will not be wasted time.
> Thanks.
> So far I was able to compile and run.

Good. Congratulations. That's good work.
> I've made a separate port for libs3 and added an option to 
> bacula11-server (which will depend on the former).
> Unfortunately I'm still far from being able to test this properly.

What is needed?
> Are you interested in seeing this?
> Do you want me to send you my modifications?
> Open a bug report?
> Other?
I don't have time to add another project for testing. I am sure others 
will be interested in testing.

Please create a PR and attach a patch.

If the new feature is off by default, it will not affect existing 
installations. Interested parties can enable it and test it themselves

Thank you.

Dan Langille