Squid ports status

From: Andrea Venturoli <ml_at_netfence.it>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 17:51:28 UTC

In ports we currently have:
_ www/squid -> 4.15;
_ www/squid-devel -> 5.0.6.

Although we don't have vunl entries, both are affected by SQUID-2020:12 
(Out-Of-Bounds memory access in WCCPv2); the latter also by SQUID-2021:6 
(Improper Certificate Validation in TLS).
4.17 and 5.2 were issued to resolve these problems.

Besides, 5.x has been promoted from "devel" to "stable".

Are you working on this?
Is there any showstopper?
Can we help?

Due to missing funcionality in 4, I had to upgrade some caches to 5, but 
I'm hitting some bugs (which is probably to be expected for versions <5.1).
So currently no version in ports is working 100% for me.

  bye & Thanks