qt5-webengine and py27 ?

From: Mike Clarke <jmc-freebsd2_at_milibyte.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 15:34:03 UTC
I'm getting seriously confused about packages with dependency on py27.

Daily periodic reports from pkg-audit report 39 deprecated packages which use EOL Python 
2.7, most of them via www/qt5-webengine. For example:

"kmail-21.08.3: Tag: deprecated Value: Uses EOL Python 2.7 via www/qt5-webengine"


"qt5-webengine-5.15.2_5: Tag: deprecated Value: Uses Python 2.7 which is EOLed 

But qt5-webengine does not appear to depend on py27

curlew:/home/mike% pkg info -d qt5-webengine-5.15.2_5 | grep -c py27 
Furthermore I don't appear to have any py27 packages in my system

curlew:/home/mike% pkg info -x py27 
pkg: No package(s) matching py27

Most of the deprecated packages are KDE related so if they had a dependency on py27 I 
would expect lots of problems with KDE and that's not happening.

So what am I missing?

Mike Clarke