Re: Regarding port(s) you maintain in FreeBSD ports collection

From: Mikhail T. <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 14:52:27 UTC
On 16.11.21 16:46, Daniel Engberg wrote:
> There are numerous of reason why we need to remove ports, one major 
> reason is simply to have a sustainable repository.

I don't know, what "sustainable repository" means in this context. It 
seems like another vague term, which can be interpreted in any way 

The rest of your reply does not address my arguments -- except to 
concede, that there are, indeed, no actual requirements, that the ports 
you seek to delete are violating. And yet, you want to delete them anyway...

So, please, direct your considerable energies to maintenance of your own 
ports. If that's not challenging enough -- consider adopting some of the 
unmaintained ones. But don't delete other people's work -- and cease 
marking it "deprecated" on such iffy grounds as you've done before...

Thank you,