Re: Adding functionality to a port

From: Guido Falsi <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 11:15:39 UTC
On 15/11/21 12:01, Ronald Klop via freebsd-ports wrote:
> Van: Rob LA LAU <>
> Datum: zondag, 14 november 2021 16:56
> Aan:,
> Onderwerp: Re: Adding functionality to a port
>> Thanks Ronald. But I'm not asking how or where to report bugs.
>> Allow me to rephrase my question.
>> If and when I am a FreeBSD port maintainer, can I just add any scripts 
>> or other files to the port I maintain if I think they may be 
>> practical, even if those files are not part of the upstream project?
> Yes you can. But:
> 1. As a (starting) maintainer you can't commit the changes yourself. A 
> committer will check and commit your changes.
> 2. All additions are open and verifiable. It is hard to sneak something 
> into it. And even more to do that anonymously.
> There are probably some more checks and balances to this process. It has 
> proven itself pretty solid.

This all implies:

3) there is no shield from community verification, getting criticized in 
the mailing lists or bugs reports, and having to change your mind about 
your assumptions, revert things, discuss alternative solutions, etc.

Hopefully this happens in a civil and constructive manner, but sadly 
sometimes things become "unpleasant" (please anyone avoid being the one 
bringing unpleasantness)

Guido Falsi <>