Re: Adding functionality to a port

From: Kurt Jaeger <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 15:34:42 UTC

> I'm wondering what the rules/guidelines are for adding functionality to a
> port, that is not in the upstream package. I can't find anything about
> this in the porters' documentation.
> Background:
> I'm not a porter myself (planning to be one, but that's irrelevant for my
> current question).
> I ran into a buggy `periodic' script. And when looking for the port
> maintainer to report the bug, I found that this script is not part of the
> upstream package, but was added to the port by the port maintainer.
> So I'm wondering now whether I should report the bug in the `periodic'
> script, or ask the maintainer to remove the script from the port (and
> maybe submit it as a separate port).

Please submit a problem report via for the
port in question. If you provide a patch for the periodic script
upstream, that would probably be fine as well, if they accept it.

The maintainer can decide what should happen to the buggy script...

> And in more general it would be interesting to know when changes made to
> a port are considered too drastic, and when port maintainers should be
> asked to join the upstream development team instead of (or in addition
> to) maintaining the port.

You can ask the maintainer if he wants to join upstream, but
if there's no interest, there's no need to pressure one into upstream 8-)

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