Re: devel/sdl20: update to 2.0.16 when?

From: Jan Beich <>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 14:44:28 UTC
Robert Clausecker <> writes:

> Good day!
> I have been following PR #252371 updating devel/sdl20 for a while
> and it seems like it is ready to land.  Is there any reason why it
> has not been committed yet?

According to comment 10 (2021-01-19) in the bug the primary blocker is

  Please split into topic patches. At least separate options
  refactoring, new options (vulkan) and 2.0.14 update.

This is important for review and regression tracking. For example,
some changes maybe suboptimal or introduce bugs but are part of
the refactoring thus unrelated to the update.

devel/sdl20 maintainer also maintains a lot of its consumers, so may
want to test runtime more carefully. However, this could have been done
during the time the draft was available.

> I need this update to update some ports that want a newer SDL version
> than what we ship.

emulators/yuzu/files/patch-sdl2 shows how to support SDL 2.0.12 without
blocking updates.