Re: Synth status and failure to install some packages

From: Thomas Mueller <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 08:50:20 UTC
> On Sun, 30 May 2021 at 17:46, Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> > What is the current status of ports-mgmt/synth?
> > It seems deprecated by what I see on this emailing list, but I see occasional updates when I update ports tree.
> It's still my favourite ports-builder.. I'll keep using it until it
> stops working.

> Jonathan Chen <>

Synth is much faster than portmaster or portupgrade, but one serious downside is failure to install some packages that are built.

I thought I didn't have devel/gperf, then later it occurred to me that synth might have hidden it in the repository without installing it.

Earlier, I thought I didn't have ninja installed but later found it hidden in synth's repository.

Is there any way to make synth install build dependencies?  Gentoo Portage has "--with-bdeps=y".

I don't know how poudriere behaves in this regard.

I believe STefan Esser has a new, revamped portmaster in the works, but have no idea of progress so far.