Node/npm-based ports in 2021 - Thoughts?

From: Guangyuan Yang <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 09:03:18 UTC
Hi folks,

I came across a PR [1] for adding a new port www/code-server [2], a
node/npm-based application. Over the years I have been avoiding
npm-based ports since I believe it was not really supported and also
discouraged [3], however, I think this particular application (along
with an increasing number of system utilities) is valuable and is
worth putting in the ports tree.

I guess my wondering is:

- For this particular port, is there a "more correct" way of doing
this? I commented on the PR [1] but found that my domain knowledge is
quite limited.
- Is there (or will there be) any development on supporting
nodejs/npm-based applications?


+cc yuri@ (for misc/netron, [4]), swills@ since I recalled that you
worked on some ports using npm before, sorry for the spam in advance


Guangyuan Yang