Re: Problem building py-cryptography

From: Simon Wright <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 00:46:33 UTC

On 23/05/2021 8:29 am, Charlie Li wrote:
> Simon Wright wrote:
>> Thanks for this. My ports tree is synched to the package server for
>> amd64-default, ie. b093791110
>> I'm not mixing SSL's, here again are my make.conf files:
>> make.conf
>> <snip>
>> There is no jail-specific make.conf or -z options set.
> Your previous statement and log output
>> It looks to me as though python38 is pulling in libressl. Python options
>> are default though not sure whether options were specifically set.
> directly contradict what is actually happening. Flipping your
> SSL_DEFAULT back to base in an existing repo probably won't trigger
> rebuilds of USES=ssl ports due to the ports SSL dependency going away.
> If you switched to a different SSL port in SSL_DEFAULT then a rebuild
> will definitely happen due to switched/new dependency.
>> Once this poudriere run is complete (probably another couple of hours),
>> if it succeeds I'll update all my boxes with the new ports using base
>> openssl instead of libressl then update the ports tree and start another
>> build with libressl to see how it goes with your commit.
> I recommend that you do not pass go and clean rebuild everything.

OK, I can do that though it will take a day or two to rebuild
everything. These are my ssl settings in the two active make.conf for
poudriere. What would you advise to set there in order to only use
openssl from base? Or conversely to only use libressl - which is my
preferred option if/when it builds everything I need?


#DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=libressl bdb=5


#DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=libressl bdb=5

Do I just need to change to DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl bdb=5?