Re: Stopping and restarting poudriere

From: Dima Panov <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 09:09:19 UTC

Best guide is run 'poudriere bulk’ under tmux or screen session to keep it running while session detached.

About restart pou build session you need to know name of failed build (something like '2021-06-09_17h55m20s’) and start a build with -B 2021-06-09_17h55m20s (for example) param to resume interrupded build queue

Dima. (desktop, kde, x11, office, ports-secteam)@FreeBSD team

> On Wednesday, Jun 09, 2021 at 12:56 AM, bob prohaska < (> wrote:
> Is it possible to restart a poudriere build session so it picks up
> where it left off?
> I mistakenly hit a control-c in the controlling terminal of a long
> build and would like to restart it with minimum lost work.
> More generally, can a poudriere session be gracefully stopped,
> say for maintenance work or to run a more urgent job, and then
> restarted without loss of intermediate work?
> Thanks to Mark Millard's help it does appear that poudriere is
> usable and helpful on an 8 GB pi4. The learning curve is steep!
> Thanks for reading,
> bob prohaska