Re: accountsservice-0.6.55 brakes my gdm/gnome

From: Ruslan Makhmatkhanov <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2021 09:04:08 UTC
Kubilay Kocak wrote on 6/4/21 10:13 AM:
> On 4/06/2021 2:18 pm, Pavel Timofeev wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I've recently installed pkg updates on my FreeBSD 13.0 RELEASE amd64 and
>> lost the ability to login or pass lock screen in my gnome. GDM is 
>> unable to
>> list any existing users and even if I enter my login manually I see just
>> black screen. After some time it shows the lock screen where I can't 
>> login
>> too.
>> It turned out the root cause is accountsservice-0.6.55 (I'm following
>> quarterly repo). Once I rollback accountsservice to 0.6.42 everything
>> starts working fine.
>> I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issues.
> Hi Pavel,
> accountservice was updated (and merged to quarterly) in the following 
> issue:
> You can want to re-open it and report the regression, with any 
> additional information you can (error messages, steps to reproduce, etc)
> ,.koobs

I have similar behavior at 14-CURRENT, but still able to get into the 
desktop after manually typing in username. For some reason there's no 
ports mailing list archive for 2021 June [1], so I can't make a 
reference to Pavel's post in PR. I added this to PR and reopened it.



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