Re: Forcing options in required ports

From: Thierry Thomas <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 18:02:25 UTC
Le jeu.  3 juin 21 à 19:34:28 +0200, Xavier Humbert <>
 écrivait :

> Hi,


> I need to add a BUILD_DEPENDS to a port (p5-FusionInventory-Agent, 
> actually) with specifics options required by the port which requires it
> This lead to 12 questions :
> 1- Is there a way to specify options port in the Makefile ?
> 2- As a consequence, the port cannot be fetched from packages, it *must* 
> be built from ports. How to force this ?

The usual solution is to make a slave port from this port, with the
required options, and make your new port depend on this slave port.
But warning: the original port and the new slave will conflict, and that
might result in further conflicts!

Another solution is to negociate with the maintainer, and see if he
accepts to set your options by default…

(When sub-packages will be a thing, this could be a hird solution in
some cases)

Th. Thomas.