Re: Synth status and failure to install some packages

From: Thomas Mueller <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 03:49:21 UTC
> synth only upgrades existing packages that are on your system, and
> makes no assumptions about what the user wants. If you need a tool,
> you'll have to install it - at which point it becomes a first-class
> installed module (as opposed to those that can be auto-removed), and
> synth will upgrade them as required.

Install using synth, or some other way?

> This is useful for some of my systems where I don't need the
> build-tools, only the end-result package.

> Cheers.

> Jonathan Chen <>

I would likely want to build the packages on a different partition so as to keep my present outdated installation intact and not lose everything if rebuilding messes up.

This new partition now has an old 13-current or 12-stable from May 2019, internet connectivity not functional, which I would upgrade to 14-current, or less likely, 13-stable.

If the upgrade build fails, or if internet connectivity is still nonfunctional, then back to NetBSD.

I could use pkg query (is that it?) to make a list of all installed packages and use that with synth, but have had instances of packages named on the synth command line building but not installing.

One nice feature of package management systems is pulling in dependencies without having to name every package explicitly.

Does poudriere also fail to install build dependencies?  I never used poudriere.